Flight timetable

Time Direction Airlines Flight number Status
2015-09-05  15:25 Ryga (RIX) Air Baltic BT460 SCHEDULED
2015-09-08  15:25 Ryga (RIX) Air Baltic BT460
2015-09-10  15:25 Ryga (RIX) Air Baltic BT460
Time Direction Airlines Flight number Status
2015-09-05  14:45 Ryga (RIX) Air Baltic BT459 EXPECTED
2015-09-08  14:45 Ryga (RIX) Air Baltic BT459
2015-09-10  14:45 Ryga (RIX) Air Baltic BT459
Passenger terminal

plan terminalu

How to get to the airport
Passenger rights

Every passenger travelling with European Union airlines within European Union borders, departing from an airport located within the European Union to third countries or arriving at an airport located within the European Union from third countries, as well as to/from Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, has the following minimum rights to:

  • receive care;
  • receive compensation;
  • obtain full ticket price refund;
  • modify itinerary;
  • obtain partial ticket price refund for changing booking class;
  • receive information about passenger’s rights;
  • receive information about carrier’s identity;
  • file a complaint against air carrier

For more information see the Civil Aviation Office website: www.ulc.gov.pl


Disabled persons


Airports and airlines are obliged to provide
disabled with free of charge assistance and ensure
the required amenities, which results from European regulations,
i.e. Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006


tel. +48 533 311 688
e-fax: +48 48 377 91 00


Those who are interested in landing at our airport are requested to fill in the General Aviation Request


Standard handling for General Aviation include:

  • aircraft marshalling
  • wheel chocks placement
  • standard check-in
  • staff assistance
  • flight operation service
  • baggage loading/offloading
  • taxi order
  • hotel reservation
  • crew day room up to 4 hrs

The charges are based on Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW)


Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW up 1,5 t 30,00
Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW from 1,5 to 4 t 150,00
Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW from 4 to 7 t 300,00
Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW from 7 to 12 t 450,00
Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW from 12 to 20 t 600,00
Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW from 20 to 40 t 800,00
Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW from 40 to 60 t 1200,00
Standard handling for General Aviation - MTOW over 60 t 2000,00


Value Added Tax (VAT) is to be added to the charge rates in the amount specified by the Polish law effective on the day of providing a service.

A charge of 800,00 PLN is to be added for handling services provided between 22:00-6:00 of local time.

Landing at RADOM Airport is constituting the acceptance of levied the mandatory standard handling charge in accordance to the actual tariff.

 Valid from 1st March 2015

For other services on request please contact Handling Agent: e-mail: , tel. +48 533 311 688

Airport infrastructure

Airport parametres:

Regional civil airport, code 3C (4D to be obtained). Area: 147.5 ha, thereof 22.5 ha civil area and 125 ha shared with the army. Runway dimensions: 2000 x 45 m. Runway surface: tarmac in the central part, concrete at the ends (200 m and 230 m) Runway Safety Area dimensions: 2360 x 300 m Taxiway: tarmac, modernised in the year 2000 Runway and manouver routes are equipped with a drainage system. No buildings in the main landing direction.

Navigation equipment:

- military NDB 1150 m and 4000 m from runway threshold
- military navigation lightning system at the main landing approach
- taxiway edge lights every 100 m
- altitude and surveillance radar

Power supply connected to two independent substations through a mid-voltage cable, additional own emergency power supply. Fire service facility with 3 posts 20-bed infirmary. Two repositories of propellants and lubricants. Civil apron for two code C airplanes.

Wind rose:

35-40% from W
30-35% from E
25-30% other directions

Temporary terminal:

Usable area: 3000 sq m
Capacity: 550 thousand passengers a year.
Facilities: passenger and baggage check-in stations, restaurants, bars, 2-3 duty-free shops, car rental, chappel, tour operators stations, customer service points and offices.

  • June 2006
    Radom Airport (PLR) company is established
  • July 2012
    Radom Airport has acquired the former Terminal 2 building of Łódź Airport with all its equipment for 2 mln zł
  • May 2013
    Environmental approval
  • May 2013
    The contract for installation of the DVOR radio navigation system is signed with PANSA (Polish Air Navigation Services Agency)
  • November 2013
    Radom Airport in the Masovia Development Strategy Programme
  • January 2014
    The contract for delivering fuel and refueling is signed with PETROLOT
  • April 2014
    Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) certificate is issued
  • May 2014
    Radom Airport obtains the Airport Certificate and is registered in the Polish Register of Civil Airports






Humidity: 95%

Wind: 6.44 km/h

  • today

    Cloudy 19°C 8°C

  • tomorrow

    Mostly Cloudy 22°C 9°C


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